Klotz Complete Oil Service Kit 5 qt 20W50 for Twin Cam Milwaukee 8 1999-2022

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  • Klotz Complete Oil Service Kit 5 qt 20W50 for Twin Cam Milwaukee 8 1999-2022
  • Klotz Complete Oil Service Kit 5 qt 20W50 for Twin Cam Milwaukee 8 1999-2022
  • Klotz Complete Oil Service Kit 5 qt 20W50 for Twin Cam Milwaukee 8 1999-2022
  • Klotz Complete Oil Service Kit 5 qt 20W50 for Twin Cam Milwaukee 8 1999-2022
  • Klotz Complete Oil Service Kit 5 qt 20W50 for Twin Cam Milwaukee 8 1999-2022


Product Description
  • Formulations are optimized specifically for Harley-Davidson hardware.
  • Klotz V-Twin Oil Change Kits come with just the right amount of lubricant, no more no less.
  • Top-tier additive package prevents wear, oxidation and corrosion.
  • Detergents and dispersants maintain cleanliness and mitigate deposit formation.
  • Friction modifying chemistry increases power and efficiency while reducing operating temperatures.
  • High-quality base oils and polymers maintain shear stability under harsh or extended operating conditions.
  • Klotz uses the most advanced technology available and never cost-optimizes its products.
  • 5 Quarts: Synthetic 20W50
  • 1 Quart: Primary Case Lubricant
  • 1 Pint: Primary Case Lubricant
  • 1 Quart: Trans Hypoid Lubricant
  • Qty 1: Oil Filter
  • Qty 3: O-Ring
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